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Digital Signage Support for every user of easyCMS for free.
We want to make sure that you are happy with our service and we make a priority
to solve any issue that can arise during the deployment and usage of our hardware and software.

How to get started ?

To watch more video tutorials go on our YouTube channel, click here! You can as well check our full presentation of easyCMS in PDF here.

Do I have to pay monthly ?

easyCMS is entirely free and our Digital Signage Support too. After purchasing your hardware, there are no other fees for you to pay monthly or annually. The player fee covers the creation of your user account and free software updates for minimum 2 years. After 2 years, if your hardware support the latest updates, you can still get the updates for free.

What warranty do you offer on hardware ?

Our hardware is user warranty for 2 years from the date of delivery. During the period of warranty, the hardware is exchanged for free by same or similar model. Delivery expenses at our cost. You will need to return faulty hardware at the time of receiving the new hardware (standard exchange)

Do you deliver worldwide ?

Yes! we deliver worldwide. In Europe we offer 100% free delivery, outside Europe a flat rate of 50€ is applied + import taxes at the expense of the buyer.

Can I try before buying ?

Of course you can! We can schedule a demo for you and give you access to our free demo account. Contact use to arrange this, we will be happy to help.

Can I use my own player ?

We prefer to use our own hardware that was selected and tried. At the moment we cannot offer support for unselected hardware. If you want to discuss this possibility, please contact us

Do I get free software update ?

easyCMS is updated on a regular basis, in average 2-4 times a year. When an update takes place we notify you by email in advance. During the time of warranty of your hardware you will get updates for free. After warranty, if your hardware is still compatible we will continue to provide you with free updates.

Do I have limited hard drive space for my medias ?

No, you have al the space you need! you are not limited by quotas or restricted Gb. you can upload as many files as you like. Nevertheless, we ask our users to use compression tools for videos in order to limit the space used on the server and on the players.

Does the LTE player contains a data plan ?

Our LTE windows Player does not contain a data plan, just the slot for a SIM card. So you would need to purchase a data plan yourself locally. we can help setting up the SIM card on your device remotely for free.

Where can I get the PDF version of the Products?

You can download all the technical sheets and presentations in PDF format from here, it is printer friendly:


Digital Signage Players & CMS

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