Our Family of Digital Signage Players

Our multimedia players dedicated to digital signage are specially designed for the most demanding users and environments. Our range is the result of many years of experience and includes the latest components and software available. This includes different options, depending on the project and needs.

* Our easyCMS Player will work with LED Displays but will not be able to control LED Displays settings like brightness or monitoring using software like NovaStar. For this you will need to use one of our players using Windows Operating System.

Advantages of easyCMS digital display players

For maximum efficiency and stability, we manufacture our readers to measure. For example, Our windows Pro model (see in the shop) is based on a fanless industrial PC player with a metal chassis and is designed to last for many years. We only use industrial type computers from renowned brands and manufacturers. The operating system is Windows based. Updates are limited and only minimal applications are installed. This guarantees the proper functioning of our CMS and limits potential problems that could have an impact on the reading of the content.

Our Android digital signage player (See on the shop) is specially created for digital signage applications. Small but very powerful and stable thanks to Android OS. Its small size is perfect for use with an LCD screen in an indoor environment. It can be used with giant LED screens but does not support control systems like Novastar). The black chassis gives it a simple and modern look that can be personalized with your logo on request.

Our devices are preconfigured and the Plug & Play app. easyCMS is pre-installed and activated. For assistance purposes, TeamViewer is installed and activated on the device. This can allow our team to access it in an emergency. This can be used to control an LED display remotely (monitoring, brightness, etc.)

Support for LED Displays

All our players are compatible with LED display control systems. You can use them with any brand, size or resolution of LED screen. By default, we include Novastar LCT (windows player) but on request, we can change it for Colorlight, Zdec, Linsn or the one of your choice.

Free Open source CMS

easyCMS is based on the Open Source Digital Signage solution “Xibo”. This allows us to focus on equipment and customer service. Xibo is a 14 year old Open Source project. The developers have committed to keeping Xibo Open Source.

That is why we have selected Xibo with confidence. We believe in digital signage for everyone, regardless of skills or technological knowledge. Xibo easyCMS offers a reliable platform designed to give all users the freedom to focus on the most important aspect of digital signage: your content! Xibo and easyCMS are driving a revolution in open source digital signage.

How do I get a player ?

To get your Digital Signage Player PRO, simply add it to your basket with any other accessory you may need (HDMI cable, splitter, …) Once you have paid and received the payment confirmation, we will communicate the date Delivery. If all items are in stock, delivery within 48 hours is made. If not in stock, delivery can take up to 15 days. We will automatically provide you with an ID and password to easyCMS to configure your account and add multimedia content (video, images, etc.). Our video tutorials are available online and you can also book a live demo.